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Posted on: September 26, 2015

“Everyone remembers the wooden bowl that their grandmother had” says Ashley Viljoen, a designer and craftsman specialising in wood homeware and tableware. Viljoen has created the exquisite wooden bowls you will find at Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge in Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Reserve. A resident artist in KwaZulu-Natal, Viljoen poignantly describes that the work he produces is a testament to ‘olden days’ where quality craftsmanship was the norm and things were made to last. “I like to think that the quality time spent around the dinner table forms part of the experience when people use my bowls” he explains.


Ashley Viljoen wooden bowls


His gentle attitude infuses every aspect of his work, and Viljoen describes “The ethos of my operation is that of healthy living and sustainability.” This eco-conscious wood turner produces solid wood utility bowls and plates which are created from found wood and remnants of locally felled trees.

Viljoen takes great pride in his work to produce premium quality wood products that are made to be used and loved, and with a little care will last a lifetime. He kiln-dries his bowls, which ensures that once they have made their way to their new home they will never warp or crack. He has gone as far to develop his own natural wood oil that will nourish and protect the wood and is entirely food safe.

Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge and all Isibindi Africa Lodges take great pleasure in supporting and appreciating local arts and crafts and so that as a guest to a unique corner of South Africa you may also revel in the local bespoke artisan products. Perhaps like us you may also be tempted to take a little of each corner of paradise home in your luggage as a reminder of an eco-friendly holiday which celebrates local aesthetic, handmade by treading gently on our beautiful planet. For more information and orders of Ashley Viljoen’s functional artwork, see www.ashleyviljoen.com.


Ashley Viljoen Craftsman


Feature photograph of Albizia Bowl made by Ashley Viljoen, photographed by William Esposito. All other photographs are by Ashley Viljoen.




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