Game Walks ground yourself

Nothing can quite prepare you for the experience of walking in the wilds of a game reserve in Africa. Reconnect with nature and with each other in a vast wilderness area with untamed lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino. Highly experienced walking guides will take you on a walk with the big 5 and unknowingly a discovery of yourself.

The saw of a leopard or the rumble of an elephant is a heightened sensory alert. Get connected to nature’s classroom, feel and touch the difference between a lion spoor and a hyena on a riverbed. Slow down, this raw safari experience is unlike any other and is as much a spiritual journey as a learned path. We are guides and guardians.

“Just like roads and highways connect cities, when you walk in the bush you are walking on the oldest trails made by the animals – you are going back to where we came from. Where we belong. The wilderness is our original home that still lingers in every human.” – Nunu Jobe


  • Big 5 game reserve
  • Walk in the presence of wild animals
  • Walk on some of the oldest rhino paths
  • Learn more about fauna & flora

What some of our guests had to say:

important notes:

  • Subject to availability
  • We regret that Children under 14 years are not permitted on the Bush Walks.
  • Children 14 -15 years must be accompanied by 1 parent/guardian. Children 16 years & older allowed on walks without a parent/guardian.
  • Min 2 pax max 4 pax per armed ranger. +-3 hours am/pm.