Bush Trails

Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge bush trails are led by none other than the legendary Nunu Jobe, a highly experienced trails ranger who also goes by the name of “The Rhino Whisperer”, as he has the reputation of being able to get closer to a white rhino than anyone. More than just a chance to experience the African bush at its wildest, Nunu says that going on a bush trail is a ‘spiritual journey’.

He will create four-dimensional reconstructions of the wildlife activity which has taken place along your trail, from past, to present, to future so that you can fully appreciate the beautiful scenery, delicately balanced ecosystem and the myriad of little critters and plants from up close as you tread gently in this protected corner of Africa.

“Just like roads and highways connect cities, when you walk in the bush you are walking on the oldest trails made by the animals – you are going back to where we came from. Where we belong. The wilderness is our original home that still lingers in every human.” – Nunu Jobe

Having the privilege to walk in the wild and learn more about life and nature from this unassuming man is a potentially life-changing experience.