Community Tours and Cultural Visits

Travelling isn’t only about fine dining, luxury and relaxation; it’s about having an authentic family safari experience that gives you insight into a new place or a new way of life.


Take a guided tour of the local community just outside the park where you will be able to visit a creche, see our Isibindi nutritional programme at work, sit with local craftsmen weaving baskets and visit the brand new Isibindi Community Centre to learn about all the initiatives that the Isibindi Foundation runs and supports in the area and how you as a guest have contributed to its success.


Our Cultural Visits give you the unique opportunity to step out of your own existence and into the world of a traditional Zulu family.

Accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, you’ll journey to the heart of the Nkosi family home. Here, you’ll be warmly welcomed into their daily routines, participating in activities like basket weaving and cooking traditional meals. Gain firsthand insight into the rhythm of their lives, connecting with their culture on a personal level.

Venture further into the community as you visit the local Sangoma, discovering the role traditional healers play in Zulu society. This enriching experience offers a deeper understanding of Zulu traditions and customs.

This activity is an additional cost and can be booked in advance through our reservations department, alternatively, please speak to the Lodge Manager on your arrival.

If you would like to stay with the Nkosi family for a night, you can book your stay on their AirBnb site.


  • Authentic African Experience
  • Visit a traditional Zulu home
  • Warm hospitality
  • Learn about traditional crafts

important notes:

  • These tours can be booked on arrival with reception
  • There is no extra charge for the Community Tour
  • There is a small charge for the Cultural Visit that goes towards the family visited