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Chef Carl Moller is the Executive Head Chef of Isibindi Africa Lodges. He is a true creative who combines a love of cooking with beautiful plating skills and a passion for photography.
Carl is very hands on with the Head Chefs at all our lodges. We love the way he incorporates local cuisine relevant to each of our lodges.

Ethical eating and sustainable sourcing on the menu is his pride.

With his focus on sustainability, Carl’s food philosophy is closely aligned with the Isibindi brand. In our lodges’ remote and ecologically-significant locations, it is vital for social, economic and environmental factors to work symbiotically and interdependently. Carl believes that incorporating these principles into his food and choice of suppliers enhances sustainability from the ground up.

Carl sources many of his ingredients from ethical suppliers – like GMO-free stone-ground flour, Desert salt and locally sourced eggs from the community.

Along with his modern fusions and traditional favourites, guests can look forward to a few hyper-local dishes like Thyme and lemon deboned ‘Shisanyama’ (hot meat) grilled chicken with pap chips (mealie meal chips) and smoked salt, as well as Sishebo, a hearty stew with succulent tomato relish, & coleslaw.

Coming soon is our new cocktail list which will include spekboom (Portulacaria Afra) G&T cocktail with locally distilled pineapple gin.

Food of the future comes to life today

Carl’s approach to food is in line with what he believes to be the future of food – going back to ‘how things were’ before the modern era, with real, unadulterated ingredients and by eliminating damaging food production methods. An example of his philosophy in action is how he takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary by incorporating fresh produce into his cooking – like homegrown microgreens which were a success at Thonga and are now grown at Rhino Ridge along with traditional herbs.


  • Sustainability focussed
  • Modern fusions
  • Traditional favourites
  • Hyper-local dishes

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