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Posted on: June 13, 2018

Isibindi Africa is not unreasonably pleased to have made it into an elite caring set of organisations who are officially considered Fairtrade compliant! After many months or rigorous assessment (they don’t just hand this award out!), Isibindi Africa Lodges have made the grade. This makes us incredibly proud to be internationally recognized for our commitment to the environment and Isibindi staff and communities.


Our Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge Homestay is one of our favourite new community support initiatives – image by Teagan Cunniffe


Here is some more information on what is means to be Fairtrade compliant:

Fairtrade is a commitment to a standard in how we treat people and the environment including


  • Upholding the rights our employees through fair and transparent management practices
  • Enhancing their abilities – training
  • Supporting their communities


  • community projects that positively impact on the lives of the broader community
  • participation in the business through various ownership schemes
  • exposing the communities to our guests in a carefully managed and non invasive manner creating meaningful cross cultural exchanges

Best Business Practices

  • Engage in our business in an ethical manner
  • Ensure that we are compliant in fiduciary aspects
  • Strive to be leaders in our industry in promoting best business practices


  • Operate in a manner that has the least possible impact on our environment
  • Create an awareness and educate our staff, guests and other role players in environmental care and protection
  • Participate in and provide support for projects that work towards environmental conservation both internally and externally
  • Invest in the education of employees, communities and the public in conservation matters



We hope you share our pride in this achievement. Please join us in building a more equitable society in South Africa and protecting our beloved natural environment.

To read more on our community development initiatives, please search for ‘community engagement’ in our blogs.



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