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Posted on: March 20, 2015

At Isibindi Zulu Lodge, there is a love of all things furry, scaly and feathery and you will find yourself quickly falling in love with this beautiful world. You may find yourself especially losing your heart to these furry friends, always eager to welcome new visitors and make them instant Isibindi family. Isibindi Zulu Lodge Manager Charlotte Preston shares her insights and interesting snippets about these dearly beloveds.


Mkuze on Safari 2

Nyala anxious to head out on an early morning game drive – photograph by guests Neil and Mary Brooks


Nyala, the Female Fox Terrier

Nyala is named after a type of antelope that one might see on Isibindi Eco Reserve. She was given the name ‘Nyala’ as when she was a puppy, Kyle was looking for her outside one morning and he found her standing directly under a Nyala bull looking up at it.

Nyala loves playing with her tennis ball and literally never gets tired of you throwing it for her. If you hide her tennis ball in a tree she is known to find a way to climb the tree to get the ball back. She also loves to swim, besides her ball her favourite activity to do is to go down to the Isibindi River and have an afternoon dip.


Nyala & Ingwe

Nyala and Ingwe wet after a swim in the Isibindi River. Photograph by Charlotte Preston.


Ingwe, the Male Jack Russell cross Staffie

The word Ingwe means ‘leopard’ in Zulu. Charlotte has always loved the word Ingwe and had picked the name before even getting the dog. But the name seemed to fit perfectly. When Ingwe gets wet or you look at his tummy he has leopard like rosettes (leopard spots).

Ingwe is considered as the Isibindi Zulu Lodge walking guide. Whenever the guests go for a walk on the reserve he is known to tag along to ensure that the guests do not get lost, point out the animals to them and make sure that the guests do not get lost.




Mkuze, the female child of Ingwe & Nyala

Mkuze often called ‘Kuzi,’ got her name from an area in Northern KZN called Mkuze. Kyle and Charlotte met on one of the game reserves in the area and were on honeymoon again in that area when she was born and it seemed only fit for her to be given the name.

As Mkuze is getting older she is developing a love for the tennis ball the way her mom does. She has got beautiful greeny-brown eyes that can make any guests heart melt.


Mkuze on Safari 1

Nyala on safari with her keen bush eyes – photograph by guests Neil and Mary Brooks


Together this happy family love to go on game drives. Nyala and Ingwe have been privileged enough to see elephant, rhino, buffalo and even lion! Little Mkuze is slowly learning about the animals, that the Zebra need to be avoided and the giraffe are very tall.

Written by Charlotte Preston, Lodge Manager of Isibindi Zulu Lodge


The Isibindi Clan

The Isibindi Clan. Photograph by Charlotte Preston.







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