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Posted on: July 3, 2023

Where to start? Our stay was simply exceptional!
Would you agree that people make all the difference?
Rest assured, the staff is amazing: friendly, motivated, sincerely happy to help, always smiling. The staff made the stay unique for every single guest. Everything is done with an attention to detail that we have not seen in any other lodge/hotel before or since. During our time there, we actually got to know some of the members of the staff and learnt a lot about their life, too.

The checkin and checkout was super easy that felt very personal and customized to us. The lodge as a business (and, as far as we could tell, everyone working there) is all about working closely with the local communities, fighting for wildlife and boosting sustainability.

People are great, but you really go there for the wildlife?
Join the two Game Drives a day: our guide was knowledgeable, we felt really safe and (bonus) got a lot of really cool wildlife pictures out of it. While we realize that it depends a lot on luck whether you actually encounter an animal or not, our guide went the extra mile to make every drive special for us. While it would be normal to be on a drive for 2-3 hours, our guide took us on a 4 hour drive one day to make up for a “bad spotting” day the day before, which was simply due to colder weather. During breaks, you will get either coffee/tea/cocoa or cold refreshments and snacks, depending on the time of day.

Driving around in a vehicle and spotting wildlife isn’t exciting enough for you?
Well, in that case, we recommend doing a Bush Walk: we got to be up close (yet in a safe distance still) with wildlife, learnt a lot about the bush, how to read tracks, and the individual animals we encountered. We took a break at a watering hole in the middle of the bush at sunset, walked among 15 giraffe before that, the overall atmosphere was simply amazing. It was a truly magical experience.

Tired of the hustle and bustle?
There’s still a lot to do to relax: Go for a swim in the pool, book a spa treatment, hang out on one of the terraces overlooking a watering hole and just… be.

Really tired and ready for bed?
Our accommodation was so beautiful. The suite, overlooking the watering hole, was very clean, comfortable, really spacious, with a great layout. It was way more than we expected! We even spotted giraffe while taking a shower (us, not the giraffe). We really liked that there were no “chocolates on the pillow” treats and that, instead, the money was donated to a good cause. It’s the little things that really make a difference. The bed was super comfy, too, we had plenty of pillows and blankets to make ourselves as comfortable as possible. It is so special to fall asleep to the sounds of the bush and then wake up to a South African sunrise. During the last night, we even heard elephants so close to our cabin, we thought, they might actually have been in the camp.

Okay, but what about the food?
The food was beyond amazing. Full on breakfast on the lodge terrace with the friends we made during the morning Game Drive, then delicious High Tea before the afternoon Drive, and a 3 course dinner to finish it all off… oh wait! Here comes the Manager with Marshmallows, because who doesn’t love making Smores while sharing stories with other guests and guides at the campfire on the terrace? Per-fec-tion! We would have loved to stay just for the food, really. They even packed us a little lunch pack on the day we had to leave – just to be clear, we didn’t ask for a lunch pack. They just thought it would be nice. We loved it!

Thank you Kirsten G for this wonderful Guest Review on TripAdvisor


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